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Ivan Kuznetsov – San Francisco skyline from Twin Peaks
  • The power of blogs

    Well, it all started with this blog post Installing LifeBlog 2.0 on N90 by Niko Nyman.He’s reported that upgrade of Lifeblog application didn’t work on his N90. I really liked this comment: But what needs to be said is that this proves what blogs can do. I post my problems online, I get an almost…

  • Notefish

    A few days ago I came across an interesting web application named Notefish. It’s quite amazing what you can do with it – copy-pasting pieces of web into one page and sharing it with others.  I just loved the simplicity of the interace. It is possible to create collections of the web-clips from their web…

  • Search in Lifeblog 2.0

    It is really good to see that more and more people are starting to use Lifeblog. With the new version 2.0 available for download from the beginning of April all Nseries phone owners can enjoy new functionality of the application. However, it looks like some important features that make Lifeblog to be so much more…

  • Reading…

    A few weeks ago we have finally move to our new house in Espoo.  Now I commute to work by bus. 20 minutes of free time every morning and every evening – this is what I have missed living 5 minutes away from the office in Helsinki. Commuting gives a perfect opportunity to read. Laast…

  • Spring is here

    Fr 17.03.2006 09.15 Spring Well, it’s still -5 outside and there’s plenty of snow, so it might sound strange for the people who have never been in the north, but spring is definitely here. You can hear it, smell it and feel it everywhere.

  • Elections day

    Вс 29.01.2006 14.20 Flags over the main post Today was the second round of presidential elections in Finland. Tarja Halonen will stay in the office for another six years.

  • ARS 06

    Вс 29.01.2006 14.20 Kiasma Вс 29.01.2006 15.09 ARS 06 New exhibition ARS 06 in Helsinki Modern Art museum proved to be quite interesting. If you are into modern art – it is definitely worth to visit.

  • Heureka

    Вс 15.01.2006 13.48 Virtual hand Вс 15.01.2006 13.50 Mirror maze Вс 15.01.2006 14.09 Split in space

  • Southwood canteen

    Чт 12.01.2006 14.33 Lunch in Southwood canteen Чт 12.01.2006 14.39 Cheesecake in Southwood canteen I just love it. Food is great – especially desserts.

  • End of our romantic trip

    SSC3 lähtö klo  19:30  on peruttu. Vaihtoehtoisen yhteyden varaamiseksi pyydämme teitä ottamaan yhteyttä Siljaan puh.  358-9-180 4422 Yst.terv. Silja Line. Пн 26.12.2005 17.07 от 173552   Пн 26.12.2005 20.48 Strange hotel in Tallinn harbour