Search in Lifeblog 2.0

It is really good to see that more and
more people are starting to use Lifeblog.
With the new version 2.0 available for download from the beginning of
April all Nseries phone owners can enjoy new functionality of the
application. However, it looks like some important features that make
Lifeblog to be so much more that just blogging or album application
are yet undiscovered by the majority of users.

Those who have
used Lifeblog prior to version 2.0 already know that country name is
automatically attached to all pictures taken with the phone’s camera.
In the new version this functionality might look the same, but in
fact there’s much more to it.

First of all, not only the
country information is now stored, but also complete network
information. Lifeblog PC allows you to create automatic location
tags, so that all items stored in the same location will be
automatically identified.

In addition to that calendar entries
are stored so that it is possible to find items created during
certain meetings or events. E.g. just recently we had a meeting in a
conference center in Båtvik, and I had a meeting marked in my
calendar. Subject of the meeting and its location were saved along
with images that I took during that meeting.

All metadata
(network information, calendar data, contact information for
messages) is now stored not only for images and videos, but also for
text and multimedia messages, text notes audio clips and blog posts.


And yes, now coming to the most
important part – just press ‘9’ while in the timeline or select
Options/Find from the menu. I bet you’ll be surprised by the results
– there’s much more to be found in your life line than you thought.


3 responses to “Search in Lifeblog 2.0”

  1. Piękne wspomnienia, pięknie opisane.Wędzonych śliwek to nigdy nie jadłam. Suszone tak,ale wędzone nie.Cudowny ten mazurek, chętnie bym zjadła kawałeczek,bo widzi mi się, że smak ma obłędny.Kochana,dziękuję za wspólne pieczenie, wspaniała zabawa,uśmiech od ucha do ucha:)Buziolki:*

  2. sending you a huge congratulations! what a whirlwind past 6 months! well done and your truly deserve all the wonderful opportunities that are coming your way. kisses.Katie.xx

  3. Just saw the closing of “13″ … you were so sweet thanking the cast and parents! We saw the show two times in two months – so great! I wish it stayed longer on Broadway (as my son wanted to audition for it).Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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