Nokia Photos 1.0 – new generation of Lifeblog

Today the new generation Lifeblog – Nokia Photos 1.0 application was released by Nokia.

To quote Nseries web site: “Nokia Photos is a PC application designed to let you do more with your images. Just download the application to your compatible PC and you’re ready to edit, back-up, organize, print, convert, and share all the pictures and videos from your compatible PC to your device, as well as your favorite online photofeeds. And you can stop worrying about formats, codecs, resizing, or the other headaches of photo and video management. It’s easy to use, works with all Nokia Nseries devices, and is completely free to download – both as an individual application and as part of the Nokia Nseries PC Suite 2.0.”

After all I wrote about Lifeblog I really wanted to try the new release, so I dug out a computer with WinXP to install Nokia Photos

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Lifeblog 2.5 PC released

Lifeblog team has quietly released a new version of Lifeblog PC
application – 2.5. Lifeblog 2.5 PC is compatible with all Nseries multimedia computers and is now a default download option on Nokia’s web site.

I wish Lifeblog had a notification about new version in the application itself, like PC Suite has, so that those using older versions will know that there’s an update.

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N93i and Vox

Nokia has just announced new cool multimedia computer N93i – a better version of N93. I’ve been using it for a while now, and should say I really love that phone. Slick design, black mirror cover, LED that has different colors for indication of new messages, missed calls and charging, metal keypad, better joysticks and …

Time to move on…

These have been a wonderful two years with Nokia Lifeblog team. I’ve seen Lifeblog transformation from a venture fighting for its place under the sun to an application that is now an integral part of all Nokia Nseries multimedia computers. And I am proud that I have been a part of this transformation. It’s been …

Lifeblog removed the fear of filing – Martin Geddes

Martin Geddes writes in Skype Journal about Nokia N70 in "Full marks, at least on paper"  and about a future desktop clients ideas in "From little seeds do great ideas grow" and makes a couple of remarks about Lifeblog that correlate with my own thoughts on the subject: […]Digital imaging takes away the “click anxiety”, …

Lifeblog 2.0 update for N70/N72/N90

Lifeblog 2.0 update (2.0.24) for N70/N72/N90 Nseries multimedia computers is now available for download from This update contains fixes to the problems mentioned in "The power of blogs" post three weeks ago.

Search in Lifeblog 2.0

It is really good to see that more and
more people are starting to use Lifeblog.
With the new version 2.0 available for download from the beginning of
April all Nseries phone owners can enjoy new functionality of the
application. However, it looks like some important features that make
Lifeblog to be so much more that just blogging or album application
are yet undiscovered by the majority of users.

Those who have
used Lifeblog prior to version 2.0 already know that country name is
automatically attached to all pictures taken with the phone’s camera.
In the new version this functionality might look the same, but in
fact there’s much more to it.

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