Ivan Kuznetsov

Physicist turned software engineer turned entrepreneur turned product manager. I take fuzzy visions of the future and turn them into today’s reality.

My passions are data & science. Data analysis, machine learning, and AI. I love to see how meaningless numbers turn into insights. I love to make computers do what humans can, but better.

I am a Product Manager @ Google AI. Views are my own.

Find me on Twitter (ivanku@), Instagram (inkoolainen@), and LinkedIn

2 thoughts on “About Ivan Kuznetsov

  1. Hey Ivan,

    I am fascinated with the possibilities that data analysis & AI provide for the future. I want to know what you think of beacon technology? For awhile I thought beacon was poised to revolutionize industries (retail, customer service, logistics) but this hasn’t happened.

  2. Иван, добрый день!
    Меня зовут Алексей Тагенцев, компания CSIRA VISION.

    CSIRA VISION – разработчик программных решений на основе искусственного интеллекта и машинного обучения.

    Возможно наши AI, ML, CV – решения могут быть интересны, готов более подробно рассказать.

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