About me

From exploring the mysteries of physics to shaping the future of AI, my journey has been driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and understanding. As a software engineer, entrepreneur, and now a product manager at Google AI, I’ve translated complex visions into tangible realities, bridging the gap between abstract ideas and practical solutions.

At the core of my professional odyssey lies a deep-seated passion for data and science. Whether it’s unearthing hidden patterns in datasets or pushing the boundaries of machine learning, I find immense satisfaction in turning abstract numbers into actionable insights. The potential of AI to not only mimic but enhance human capabilities fascinates me, and it’s at the heart of my work.

Beyond the realms of data and science, my interests extend into the dynamic world of web3, real estate investments, and angel investing. These areas represent the forefront of technological and economic change, and I’m passionate about exploring how blockchain technologies and strategic investments can reshape our digital and physical landscapes.

My current role at Google AI allows me to be at the forefront of technological advancement, where I am constantly learning and contributing to the field. While my views are solely my own, they are informed by a rich tapestry of experiences across various domains.

Let’s connect and explore the endless possibilities of technology together. Find me on Twitter (ivanku@), Instagram (inkoolainen@), and LinkedIn for more insights into my world of AI, data analysis, and beyond.