N93i and Vox

Nokia has just announced new cool multimedia computer N93i – a better version of N93. I’ve been using it for a while now, and should say I really love that phone. Slick design, black mirror cover, LED that has different colors for indication of new messages, missed calls and charging, metal keypad, better joysticks and zoom control – it all adds up to a much better user experience than on N93.

N93i also has integrated newer Lifeblog version than original N93 (although N93 software update 11.0.034 has the same Lifeblog as N93i).

It was also announced that N93i is the first Nseries device to support VOX blogging service. Other compatible devices require users to download special settings file. While this is all true for posting to VOX from Gallery, it was not mentioned that Lifeblog on all Nseries devices supports posting to VOX, Typepad, Flickr and MovableType.

Lifeblog enthusiast posted detailed instructions in his blog "Lifeblog – How to…" how to  set up blog accounts with all these services. So users have an alternative way to post to VOX from N93i and other Nseries multimedia computers 🙂


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  1. And Vox posting should work from any phone that has Lifeblog, not just Nseries!

    Here’s also some tech info for posting to WordPress from Lifeblog:

  2. There is also the official Vox client:


    which is a great little piece of software 🙂

  3. need to use weblog in thailand

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