New “transformer” with Lifeblog

Today Nokia announced three new Nseries phones and N93 amongst them. This is a new transformer and a first one that has Lifeblog 2.0 application in ROM, which means that user content with valuable context information will be collected right from the first start of the phone.

It was one of Christian Lindholm’s predictions (or may be wishes?) in mobile trends for 2006 that more transformers are coming.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures last summer during our Scandinavian trip with the first Nseries transformer – N90 and blogged them using Lifeblog from the road. Now I’ve been using N93 for quite a while and I should say that with S60 3.0, Carl Zeiss lens, 3x optical zoom, DVD quality video recording – this is my phone until the next transformer comes out.


5 responses to “New “transformer” with Lifeblog”

  1. Hi Ivan

    Your blog is missing some spaces when I read it with Bloglines, just so you know, looks a bit strange. By the way, transformers are way to big 🙂 I love the N73, that is one great NSeries device!


  2. Cayadi Sutanto

    Hi Ivan, I’m using old nokia 3660 with V 4.57 21-10-2003. Is there any lifeblog version that compatible with nokia 3660? Sorry to posting this question here.

  3. Unfortunately there’s no Lifeblog for 3660. This phone is based on S60 1st Edition, and Lifeblog requires 2nd Edition at least. You can check the list of Lifeblog supported phones on

  4. That machine looks pretty neat. The finnish people are ahead 🙂



  5. dani2xll

    Why is this picture missing and i am trying to create a communcal blog so that anyone can send pictures to it. Is that possible with nokia lifeblog?

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