Share WLAN with your neighbours?

Tero Lehto writes in his blog that (according to ITviikko newspaper) Anssi Vanjoki – General Manager of Nokia Multimedia is not protecting his home WLAN. According to the newspaper Anssi Vanjoki said that he even considers to put up a sign on the roof – "Free WLAN. Feel free to use."

According to Mr. Vanjoki there’s no such sign just yet, because he suspects that there are not many users in the neighbourhood.

"In my opinion network connection should not be restricted in any case. Even now my WLAN-network is open, however the computers are
protected." Mr.Vanjoki said in the interview.

Open WLAN is great, but unfortunately not all people who have open wireless access points realise that they are sharing them with the neighbours. Some people don’t even bother to change default configuration password on their WLAN hubs.

My home WLAN is protected and I have to agree with Tero, I wouldn’t like to make it open to total strangers – in the end I am responsible for the traffic going through my WLAN hub.



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