Leaving Nokia

As some of you may know, I have decided to leave Nokia and go back into the start-up world. My last day is only in the end of May, but the decision was made long time ago, and information seems to travel too fast, so I decided to publicly announce it already now. I am …

Back to business

2008 has been a hectic year – with all the changes – bulding a house, travelling, moving, having a new arrival in the family, new position in Nokia, and a side venture-like project, there was practically no time for blogging. Now things are starting to get back to normal – and I’m hoping to be …

Sampo bank software upgrade, Ubuntu and beta culture

Even if you are not Sampo bank’s customer, but live in Finland, you have most probably heard by now about continuous problems Sampo had with their web-bank system.

When Sampo launched the new system this Easter, they took into use Java-based authentication system. Of course it didn’t work in my Ubuntu 7.10, but after removing Open JDK and installing latest Sun JDK it started functioning again – at least log in worked. This Java solution raised a lot of concerns in internet community.

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Vappu in Helsinki

Vappu on Senate square Vappu on Senate square Fazer is giving away tippaleipä Tippaleipä Fire brigade orchestra Havis Amanda on Vappu day Pictures from Vappu celebration in Helsinki taken with new Nokia N93 (posted using Lifeblog from mobile phone and optimised).

Happy birthday :)

As a present to myself I have registered www.ivankuznetsov.com domain for this blog. Update your links!

Big ship in Ruoholahti

Sat 12/11/2005 13:18 Big ship in Ruoholahti This ship was unloading something near Kaapelitehdas. Never seen such big ships in Ruoholahden kanava before.