Back to business

2008 has been a hectic year – with all the changes – bulding a house, travelling, moving, having a new arrival in the family, new position in Nokia, and a side venture-like project, there was practically no time for blogging.

Now things are starting to get back to normal – and I’m hoping to be more visible in the blogosphere.

Having spent almost 8 years working with Symbian devices, I decided to shift the area of my professional interests. I moved from Nokia Devices to Services, where I’m working on creation of one of the common components for Ovi services.

Software development processes and complete cycle (from building to deploying) of rich web applications are in the center of my interest. Ruby on Rails, Facebook applications and social objects are occupying a serious part of my free time. In the mobile area I’m taking a broader view and looking into iPhone and Android applications in addition to traditional Series60 and Symbian.

2009 promises to be a very interesting year…


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