Leaving Nokia

Leaving NokiaAs some of you may know, I have decided to leave Nokia and go back into the start-up world. My last day is only in the end of May, but the decision was made long time ago, and information seems to travel too fast, so I decided to publicly announce it already now.

I am staying in Finland and will concentrate mostly on developing social training log Moozement, where I see a great potential. I will also be working as an independent consultant, so if you need help with your projects – get in touch.

I am hoping to get more time to formalize my thoughts, ideas and experiences with agile development methodologies, development of internet services and marrying them to mobile devices. So watch this space for more interesting blog posts.

The decision to leave was a tough one. Nokia clearly is an amazing company to work for, especially now, when it is aggressively establishing itself in the internet services domain. What makes Nokia unique is its ability to reinvent itself, and I believe that it will emerge ever-more powerful from this latest transformation.

I feel privileged to have worked with and learned from so many passionate, talented people. But after about six years at Nokia, working on products used by millions of people every day, I’ve decided that it is time to move on and explore the world beyond the corporate pond.

Let the future begin…


5 responses to “Leaving Nokia”

  1. Best of luck, Ivan!

  2. удачи!

  3. It used to be that everybody wanted to create a rock band, now it\’s a startup 🙂

    Good luck,


  4. @Gabor: Thanks!
    @MX: Спасибо!
    @Jouni: You never know, may be a rock band will come next – life is full of surprises.

  5. Andrey Urusov

    Good luck, Ivan!!!


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