The power of blogs

Well, it all started with this blog post Installing LifeBlog 2.0 on N90 by Niko Nyman.
He’s reported that upgrade of Lifeblog application didn’t work on his N90.

I really liked this comment:

But what needs to be said is that this proves what blogs can do. I
post my problems online, I get an almost instant answer from the
relevant product manager of a multinational company. This would have
never happened have I gone through the pre-blogging channels of calling
the support etc.

Tommi Vilkamo then escalated this issue in his S60 applications blog.

Another report came from New Zealand – Nokia N70   Nokia LifeBlog 2.0 Update Problem (Windows XP Pro) about synchronisation issues.

I totally agree with Niko that without blogs it would’ve taken much longer for this information to reach Lifeblog development team. But fortunately it did, so as the first step we can provide complete information about the problems existing in Lifeblog 2.0.23 available now for download from Nokia  Lifeblog site.

1. Lifeblog 2.0 doesn’t start on N90 firmware releases older than 3.0535.4.3 from 01-09-2005. The only workaround for this for now is to upgrade the firmware (which is a good idea anyway).

2. If after installing Lifeblog 2.0on N70/N90 synchronisation with Lifeblog 2.0 PC doesn’t work it is possibly caused by disabled synchronisation profile.
To work around it – open Sync application in Connections folder, select Lifeblog profile, then Options->Edit Sync Profile, then press
joystick right to activate second tab in settings – you will see a list
of applications there, scroll down to Lifeblog and check that the
setting there is "Yes", while as it is "No" for the rest of apps
(Contacts, Calendar, Notes).

3. Calendar metadata is not searchable on N70/N90, so what I was talking about in Search in Lifeblog 2.0 post would not completely work.
Workaround for this is for now to synchronise data to PC and use search in PC application.

More information and possibly a fixed version will hopefully appear soon on Nokia web site.


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  1. Abhishek

    I am still facing the Lifeblog problem with 2.0.403 and my N70. Please suggest how can I downgrade back to the old version?

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