I have been hacked

Yes, for the second time in my life. First time it was still in my university years. In those times if you had internet access at home, you were priveleged. Companies were paying quite a lot of money to get a slow 28K dial-up connection, and internet providers were charging per minute, not by gigabyte. …

Radiant CMS

Easter weekend didn’t start well – I decided to upgrade Joomla on one of my sites to version 1.5.1 from 1.0 and upgrade just totally ruined the entire site – content was lost, template wasn’t compatible with version 1.5.1. At first I thought that the reason is Dreamhost‘s automatic one-click upgrade that I used, but …

The power of blogs

Well, it all started with this blog post Installing LifeBlog 2.0 on N90 by Niko Nyman.
He’s reported that upgrade of Lifeblog application didn’t work on his N90.

I really liked this comment:

But what needs to be said is that this proves what blogs can do. I
post my problems online, I get an almost instant answer from the
relevant product manager of a multinational company. This would have
never happened have I gone through the pre-blogging channels of calling
the support etc.

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