Southwood canteen

Чт 12.01.2006 14.33 Lunch in Southwood canteen

Чт 12.01.2006 14.39 Cheesecake in Southwood canteen

I just love it. Food is great – especially desserts.


2 responses to “Southwood canteen”

  1. Nice blog! I liked reading your entries and looking at your pictures! What camera phone do you use? I live in the US; I own a 3-year-old 3650 and blog with it’s help (currently, that domain is being updated) I absolutely love my Nokia – I’m moving back to Europe in the summer ant then get either the N70 or N80. Any suggestions?

  2. For most of the pictures on this site I was using N90 “transformer”. N80 has got a better camera than N70, and both of them have got the same new version of Lifeblog – 2.0

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