Finnish court rules CSS protection used in DVDs “ineffective”

Today, after a long court battle, breaking CSS protection in DVDs is finally made legal in Finland. Leading Finnish technology law firm “Turre Legal” was representing Mikko Rauhala, who intentionally set up website to discuss the technology of circumventing CSS protection, thus breaking new Finnish copyright law. More on this subject in Turre Legal’s blog. …

Do we really have a mobile development platform?

Two major questions are:
– is there a platform that is interesting enough for the developers to invest their time and learn how to develop for it, so that they can sell their skills and
– is there a platform that is interesting enough for the companies to monetize on the software developed for this platform.

When you come up with an idea for a new killer application, there’s always a question – which technology to use to maximize your user base and at the same time implement all desired functionality. Looking at the data here  (ok, data is a bit old, Symbian has since announced 100mln devices shipped) a reasonable approach would be to start with high-end S60 smartphones, targeting early adopters and technology leaders, and then start supporting mid- and low-end devices.

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Is the future of web services in mobile java?

During this year a very interesting trend has emerged. New and existing web services started creating  mobile java applications to optimise and enhance user experience on the mobile devices. While mobile browsers are becoming more and more powerful, it seems not enough to have "minimap" or Small Screen Rendering or even OperaMini in order to …

Opera Mobile vs. Nokia S60 browser – new browser war?

I guess it all has started from The Register controversial columnist Andrew Orlowski’s review of Nokia E70. The article has been commented on some blogs, including Opera PR Manager Eskil Sivertsen’s blog.

Tero Lehto wrote in his blog in relation to that, that "Pohjoismaiseen kulttuuriin ei ole tavallisesti kuulunut kilpailevan tuotteen avoimella loanheitolla" ("Openly throwing dirt at the competing product does not normally belong to Nordic countries’ culture.")

It is very sad indeed. I know souls behind both browsers, and I know that there are very talented and hardworking people in both teams and they are doing  their best to deliver the perfect mobile browsing experience to the end users.

I’ve decided to compare Opera and Nokia OSS browsers to find out which one is better.

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Video recorded and edited with N93

Last weekend we’ve been in Tapiola – a beautiful suburb of Helsinki, I’ve recorded a few short videos with my N93, then edited them with integrated video editor, added some music and here is the result: Tapiola N93 video (14Mb).


A few days ago I came across an interesting web application named Notefish. It’s quite amazing what you can do with it – copy-pasting pieces of web into one page and sharing it with others.  I just loved the simplicity of the interace. It is possible to create collections of the web-clips from their web …

Going back to Linux

Last weekend I spend installing Linux on my laptop. Original idea was to try to Maemo SDK and try to create an application for Nokia 770. The SDK required Linux to be installed, so I freed up some space on the hard drive and burned a CD for Ubuntu installation. Installation went surprisingly smoothly, after …