Is the future of web services in mobile java?

During this year a very interesting trend has emerged. New and existing web services started creating  mobile java applications to optimise and enhance user experience on the mobile devices.

While mobile browsers are becoming more and more powerful, it seems not enough to have "minimap" or Small Screen Rendering or even OperaMini in order to get the same experience on the mobile as on the large screen of your home computer.

So a number of specialised applications appeared in 2006. A few examples of these applications that I use myself.

Gmail from Google

Widsets from Nokia

Google Maps from Google

RSS Agregator from NewsGator

The basic idea in all these apps is very simple yet brilliant – you have the same content, same settings, same functionality on your mobile or MC as on your PC,  but mobile UI is optimised so that it provides for faster access, less traffic and better user experience overall.

With the mobile phones and multimedia computers outselling regular PCs already now, and flat data plans becoming more popular, does the future of the web services lie in mobile Java?


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  1. Buzz in many languages

    I just realized that the subjects I’ve come up with here are extremely boring, but I guess that just reflects my personality, so no worries. Anyway, this one is a little different, because so many people have written about WidSets

  2. Jonathan

    Hi Ivan, I know this isn’t completely related but I am having a nightmare trying to find the information I need on a Lifeblog problem and I am hoping you can help, maybe even with a “yes it’s possible” or “no it’s not”.

    Basically, I performed a backup of Lifeblog in October and then synced 1 month later in November but didn’t backup then.

    Recently I had to re-create my Windows profile, so, I opened Lifeblog performed a restore (from October) and then synced my phone. The problem is that it has NOT synced anything between that backup and the last sync on my previous profile so there is a 1 month gap in my new Lifeblog but everything is still on my phone 🙁

    Is there any way to get this 1 month back and tell the phone (or lifeblog) that it needs syncing again?

    I’ve searched Google and Yahoo for hours, lots of forum’s, phoned up the Nokia club helpline etc etc but it seems no-one can help me. If you can help or show me somewhere that can I’d be very grateful and also happy to post the solution on some phone forums 🙂

    Thank you


  3. What you need to do is to reset “synced” flag for the items that you want to transfer to your PC. To do that you just need to change any metadata associated with the items. Probably the easiest way to do it is to mark all items that you need to sync and set them as favourites (you can remove them from favourites after that, if you don’t want them there). After that you’ll get them on your PC during the next sync.

  4. Jonathan & Ivan: Hope you don’t mind that I used this as an inspiration for an entry into my blog: Let me know via a comment here in case you do mind.

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