Finnish court rules CSS protection used in DVDs “ineffective”

Today, after a long court battle, breaking CSS protection in DVDs is finally made legal in Finland. Leading Finnish technology law firm “Turre Legal” was representing Mikko Rauhala, who intentionally set up website to discuss the technology of circumventing CSS protection, thus breaking new Finnish copyright law.

More on this subject in Turre Legal’s blog. Don’t miss an excellent article by Mikko Välimäki: “Keep on hacking: a Finnish court says technological measures are no longer “effective” when circumventing applications are widely available on the Internet”.

Thanks to ButtUgly for the link to Turre’s blog.


4 responses to “Finnish court rules CSS protection used in DVDs “ineffective””

  1. DVDs hacken ist legal in Finnland

    Interessante Story aus Finnland: Finnish court rules CSS protection used in DVDs ineffective
    Kurzfassung: Da es auf dem Internet bereits zahlreiche Programme gebe, mit welchen der DVD-Kopierschutz umgangen werden könne, sei dieser Kopier…

  2. sehr interessanter Artikel..muss man schon sagen ^^

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