Feature upgrade release to the Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition

Nokia has just announced an update to the Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition, feature upgrade release is now available for download. The update (version number 4.2007.26-8) includes Skype client support, Adobe® Flash® 9 browser plug-in, improvements in online use times and single memory card support up to 8 GB. Read more on Maemo pages. via …

N800 – Often misunderstood Nokia Internet Tablet

A pot of honey…

I should admit that I didn’t believe in the internet tablet concept in the beginning. I simply couldn’t imagine why would I need a device like that if I already have a laptop to use when I’m at home/in the office and a multimedia computer when I’m on the move. That is until I got an N800 of my own and used it for a few weeks. Now it is always in my briefcase, on my table, or in my hands.

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N95 – it’s what computers have become

Yes, I gave up my N93i to move on to the next model of Nseries multimedia computer – N95. Having played with it during the weekend I should say that this is one of the few gadgets in the past year that I literally could not put down for three days in a row. There are quite a few features that make N95 a magic device.

Size, look and feel. I am a fan of transformer form-factor, so I was sceptical at first about the double-slider idea. First thing that comes to mind when looking at N95 is last-year model – N80. But when you take N95 in your hand – it is much lighter (only 120g vs. 135g for N80) and thinner.  Feel of the materials used for the cover is amazing – soft and pleasant. Numeric keypad despite of the small size is very usable due to the three-dimensional shape of the keys and good tactile feedback.

Display. Ratio of the display size to device size is a considerable improvement. 2.6", 16mln colors display is a pleasure to watch. It is now much easier to browse the web, read books, view office documents without having to kill your eyes.

Landscape mode. At last there is a full fletched landscape mode support. This is absolutely fantastic feature. I find it one of the greatest improvements in usability of Nseries devices. I admired the landscape mode from the moment it was first introduced in Nseries on N90 multimedia computer (only few applications supported it back then). N93 and N93i were logical development, but N95 is actually first non-transfomer multimedia computer that fully supports landscape mode.

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