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  • Back in Budapest

    I just returned from a trip to Budapest. Haven’t been there for four years. The city is even more beautiful than before. A lot of changes happened in these years. Budapest is very clean, practically no traces of the spring flood (the worst for many years), you can see a lot of property development all…

  • End of our romantic trip

    SSC3 lähtö klo  19:30  on peruttu. Vaihtoehtoisen yhteyden varaamiseksi pyydämme teitä ottamaan yhteyttä Siljaan puh.  358-9-180 4422 Yst.terv. Silja Line. Пн 26.12.2005 17.07 от 173552   Пн 26.12.2005 20.48 Strange hotel in Tallinn harbour

  • Leaving Saaremaa

    Вс 25.12.2005 15.33 Local cellar Вс 25.12.2005 15.39 Christmas tree of Kuressaare Вс 25.12.2005 15.43 Bilingual street names Вс 25.12.2005 15.47 Old windmill Пн 26.12.2005 11.59 Angry sea Last day.

  • Snowy day in Kuressaare

    Вс 25.12.2005 13.53 Crab soup Вс 25.12.2005 15.02 View on the castle from the park Вс 25.12.2005 15.05 Local pub Вс 25.12.2005 15.10 Castle wall and the castle Вс 25.12.2005 15.14 Kuressaare castle Вс 25.12.2005 15.17 In the yard of the castle Вс 25.12.2005 15.21 Old castle’s wall Вс 25.12.2005 15.29 Nice building on the…

  • Awful weather in Kuressaare

    Сб 24.12.2005 11.48 Giants carrying boat from the sea Сб 24.12.2005 11.59 Local shop on Saaremaa Сб 24.12.2005 12.00 Lada forever Сб 24.12.2005 12.12 The weather is terrible Interesting monuments, terrible weather – sleet and strong cold wind all morning. But spa is great – baths, massages, treatments. Interesting to see local shops with insanely…

  • On the way to Saaremaa

    Пт 23.12.2005 08.57 Beautiful sunrise over the Baltic sea Пт 23.12.2005 12.57 Map of Saaremaa Пт 23.12.2005 13.05 Sea is almost frozen Пт 23.12.2005 14.13 Snowy road to Saaremaa Beautiful sunrise over the Baltic sea. Sunshine, all trees are white. Sea is almost frozen.

  • China

    Yesterday I learned that I have to go to Beijing.  Travel agency did a great job getting visa in one day and purchasing tickets for a Sunday flight. I’ve never been to China before, so it should be a very interesting trip. Getting my N90 and mobile Lifeblog ready…