Snowy day in Kuressaare

Вс 25.12.2005 13.53 Crab soup

Вс 25.12.2005 15.02 View on the castle from the park

Вс 25.12.2005 15.05 Local pub

Вс 25.12.2005 15.10 Castle wall and the castle

Вс 25.12.2005 15.14 Kuressaare castle

Вс 25.12.2005 15.17 In the yard of the castle

Вс 25.12.2005 15.21 Old castle’s wall

Вс 25.12.2005 15.29 Nice building on the central street of Kuressaare

Вс 25.12.2005 15.30 Island police

It was heavily snowing this day. We wandered in the city and went to see the castle.


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