Same as Ever: A Guide to What Never Changes - review

Same as Ever: A Timeless Exploration of Human Behavior by Morgan Housel

In his latest book, Morgan Housel takes us on a journey through the unchanging patterns of human nature, their influence on our decisions, and their echoes through history. Housel begins with a gripping and deeply personal story titled “Hanging by a Thread.” He recounts a past avalanche accident in Squaw Valley – an incredibly relatable narrative given the recent tragic avalanche in the same region. This powerful opening sets the stage for a captivating blend of history, psychology, and financial wisdom, “Same as Ever” serves as a valuable guide for navigating the complexities of our world.

Key Takeaways

The Power of Storytelling

Housel emphasizes how humans are naturally wired to connect with and retain information through stories. We often make decisions based on compelling narratives rather than dry statistics. Understanding this can help us communicate and make choices more effectively.

Long-Term Optimism vs. Short-Term Pessimism

Despite short-term setbacks, history demonstrates a trend of human progress and innovation over longer periods. However, in the near term, we tend to be overly pessimistic or fearful. This perspective can impact our investment decisions and life choices.

The Illusion of Control

It is crucial to recognize that our perceived control over events is often limited. This realization can help us avoid unnecessary risks and embrace the value of adaptability and flexibility.

Building in Room for Error

Housel stresses the importance of creating plans and strategies that allow for mistakes and unexpected events. Prioritizing resilience over rigid predictions can lead to better outcomes, both financially and in our personal lives.

The Paradox of Progress

As society advances, our expectations and demands often rise in tandem. Housel explores how this can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction despite objective improvements.

While “Same as Ever” may feel more condensed than Housel’s previous work, this brevity could be a deliberate design choice. In a world overflowing with information, Housel delivers a focused and impactful analysis of essential behavioral principles.

I highly recommend “Same as Ever” to those seeking a deeper understanding of human behavior and its implications on decision-making. Whether you work in finance, business, or simply want to navigate life more thoughtfully, Housel’s insights will prove invaluable.

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