Installing Flash player browser plugin in 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04

I got a new hard drive for my laptop and decided to make a leap of faith and move to 64-bit version of Ubuntu, since I had to install a fresh system anyway.

In case you didn’t know – Adobe doesn’t have stable Flash player version for 64-bit Linux. Adobe Labs offer preview release codenamed “Square” for 64-bit platforms. It can’t be installed via standard Ubuntu repositories, so get ready to get your hands dirty in the terminal.

To install 64-bit Flash player plugin do the following:

1. Download the latest version of the plugin at (currently it is v.10.2 preview 3 from November 30th, 2010)
2. Go to your downloads directory and extract the plugin binary

tar xvzf flashplayer10_2_p3_64bit_linux_111710.tar.gz

3. Create a directory for browser plugins in your users home directory

mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins

4. Move extracted in step 2 Flash player plugin binary to its new location

mv ~/.mozilla/plugins

5. Close all browser windows and restart the browser.

6. In Firefox or Chrome go to about:plugins to verify that there’s Shockwave Flash plugin available



4 responses to “Installing Flash player browser plugin in 64-bit Ubuntu 11.04”

  1. maks tuncov

    А почему не LTS? Unity страшен пока.

  2. Living on the edge 🙂

  3. Azzafir Patel

    Thanks man! Wish everyone is like u…Straight to the point.

    Thanks again.

  4. Thank you very much!

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