HeiaHeia – probably the most fun way to keep fit!

Wow, what an autumn it has been! It has come and gone so fast. By Christmas 2009 a major milestone was reached – Moozement moved from Alpha to Beta phase. Most of my time and efforts went into development of the service – and it was exciting time of super intensive work in a small, but very dedicated team.

Beta version brought with it new professional design, easier to use interface, new interaction concepts, new sports, new faster servers.  We decided to change the name of the service as well and were inspired by a hypnotic Heia! Heia! chant that Norwegians use to support their cross-country skiers and other athletes. We named our service HeiaHeia to give it a spell of positive cheering among friends.

Sports and wellbeing are hot markets both regarding hardware and web service innovation. HeiaHeia’s focus is on the social aspect of sports – mastering the ways in which friends can motivate each other in a positive spirit, without being overly competitive. The difference between us and most of the other players is that we want to provide a service which anybody can use. You don’t need any kind of technical gear to use the service, and the service itself is as easy to use as Facebook.

The HeiaHeia philosophy on sports is that everything counts. HeiaHeia already supports over 250 different types of sports, most of them requested by users of the service. Understanding user behaviour and user requests will remain a guiding principle in the development of HeiaHeia.

Work doesn’t stop here, and new functionalities will be introduced on a weekly basis going forward, in a true Web 2.0 mode of development.We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead.


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