Why are mobile application sales dropping?

Michael Mace in his blog writes about the reasons that lead to stagnation of mobile applications market – in particular why S60 application sales are not growing, while as sales of S60 based smartphones is booming. Very interesting article and very interesting discussion that followed the comments from Rafe Blandford from AllAboutSymbian and Sander van der Wal from mBrainSoftware.

Excellent reading, that can be complemented by “Let them be – or completely change expectations?” by Steve Litchfield and “The Long Tail of S60 Applications” by Tommi Vilkamo.


3 responses to “Why are mobile application sales dropping?”

  1. S60 device sales are booming, but what is happening with application sales?

    Here’s a very interesting post from Michael Mace: Why are mobile application sales dropping?, followed by a long – but even more intresting – follow-up discussion. Well worth a read. (via Ivan Kuznetsov) ps. in the follow-up discussion, many people…

  2. Thanks for that, I wonder if that tenedency is still actual with s60 and apple Iphones.

  3. he has ties to TWA. If you wanna answer the questions read the previous posts but they weren't requiring an opinion just a straighforward answer from that specific individual.

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