Business travel

15:56 22 June 2006 Office in Southwod

17:15 22 June 2006 Delayed flight

– So, where do you go today?
– London…
– Oh, that’s nice – Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Covent Garden, Pall Mall…
– Ummm, well… Not quite…

Some people say it is fun to travel on business, but usually those are the ones who do not travel that often 🙂  A typical business trip is a 16-18 hours working day, a lot of unproductive time spent waiting for check-ins, security checks and delayed flights. Sightseeing in the destination is usually limited to the airport, hotel and the office. In the worst case on top of all this is a jet lag from a long haul flight. 

I’m not complaining – just  thinking aloud… Business travelling is still a chance to get a glance at the other parts of the world, meet many interesting people, experience new things in life… And after all the more you travel, the more you value moments you spend at home with your family.


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