A day in Ruka

12:24 12 June 2006 Tastes like fresh milk

13:08 12 June 2006 Kuusamo airport

A great team trip to Kuusamo-Ruka. Finnair started serving with coffee something that "Tastes like fresh milk".

13:08 12 June 2006 Finnair plane in Kuusamo

15:00 12 June 2006 Rafting

Shortly after we arrived to Kuusamo we went rafting  and  then  driving offroad cars.

17:01 12 June 2006 Rafting

18:13 12 June 2006 Driving off-road car

Traditional Lapish dinner was the perfect end for the evening. Coming back from the local bar half past two in the night brought back the memories of bright nights in Oulu, when sun was always in the sky in summer. It is not like that in Helsinki.

21:13 12 June 2006 Tradional starter

02:27 12 June 2006 Bright night in Ruka

13:23 13 June 2006 A guy is sitting in the airplane engine

13:37 13 June 2006 Flying back to Helsinki



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  1. Alex Savin

    Клевые у вас тим-билдинги! 🙂

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