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Category Archives: HeiaHeia

Heat map visualization of sick day trends in Finland with R, ggplot2 and Google Correlate

Inspired by Margintale’s post “ggplot2 Time Series Heatmaps” and Google Flu Trends I decided to use a heat map to visualize sick days logged by Finnish users. I got the data from our database, filtering results by country (Finnish users only) in a tab separated form with the first line as the header. Three columns […]


HeiaHeia – probably the most fun way to keep fit!

Wow, what an autumn it has been! It has come and gone so fast. By Christmas 2009 a major milestone was reached – Moozement moved from Alpha to Beta phase. Most of my time and efforts went into development of the service – and it was exciting time of super intensive work in a small, […]


ArcticStartup on Moozement

Ville Vesterinen from Arctic Startup published a nice and encouraging piece on Moozement. The observations on what Moozement is, what it’s most useful for, the current state of development (early stage, but we very much believe we’re onto something), and the direction of future development, very much resonate with our own thinking. There’s also a […]


Introducing Moozement

Last year I got involved in the development of a new social network – Moozement. There are plenty of social networks out there, there are even white label social networks. So why create another one? Jyri Engeström wrote some time ago about the case for object-centered sociality: “‘social networking’ makes little sense if we leave […]