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Book review: European Founders At Work

A book by Pedro Santos follows the format of Jessica Livingstone’s “Founders at Work”, offering a series of interviews with the founders of European start-ups. Entrepreneurs, such as Illya Segalovich (co-founder of Yandex), Loic LeMeur (founder of Seesmic and LeWeb), Peter Arvai (co-founder of Prezi) and many others (see full list on the book’s website: tell about how they […]


Why are mobile application sales dropping?

Michael Mace in his blog writes about the reasons that lead to stagnation of mobile applications market – in particular why S60 application sales are not growing, while as sales of S60 based smartphones is booming. Very interesting article and very interesting discussion that followed the comments from Rafe Blandford from AllAboutSymbian and Sander van […]