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Book review: Programming Amazon EC2

Should you buy a book on a new technology or just read technology provider’s guidelines, instructions and recommendations? This book was released over a year ago, so naturally it doesn’t cover all the latest developments that happened on Amazon AWS platform. For example Simple Email Service (SES) and Dynamo DB are not mentioned at all. After […]


Book review: European Founders At Work

A book by Pedro Santos follows the format of Jessica Livingstone’s “Founders at Work”, offering a series of interviews with the founders of European start-ups. Entrepreneurs, such as Illya Segalovich (co-founder of Yandex), Loic LeMeur (founder of Seesmic and LeWeb), Peter Arvai (co-founder of Prezi) and many others (see full list on the book’s website: tell about how they […]


Book review: The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption

I read “Information Diet” by Clay Johnson last Christmas. Central ideas of the book: – information is like food – bad consumption habits are bad for your health – it’s too easy to get yourself into information bubble: “When we tell ourselves, and listen to, only what we want to hear, we can end up […]


“From Finland with Love”

Last time I was flying, I picked up a very good book in the airport book shop  – "From Finland with Love" by Roman Schatz. The book is an absolutely brilliant, witty and fun to read collection of satirical columns about Finland. Mr.Schatz is a German-born writer who has been living in Finland for 20 […]


“Not to celebrate Nabokov is a tragedy”

Read a very interesting article in Wednesday’s FT – "Not to celebrate Nabokov is a tragedy" by Nina Khrushcheva. Even if you’re not into russian literature – it is definitely a good read. Nina is a great-granddaughter of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. She also has a number of other interesting articles on Project Syndicate (translated […]



A few weeks ago we have finally move to our new house in Espoo.  Now I commute to work by bus. 20 minutes of free time every morning and every evening – this is what I have missed living 5 minutes away from the office in Helsinki. Commuting gives a perfect opportunity to read. Laast […]